GREVILLE STREET 25TH ANNIVERSARY: We’re marking the 25th anniversary of the opening of our Members’ Room at Greville Street in London, a home-from-home for Society members far and wide. Sarah Gillespie uncovers some of the venue’s history and hears from members who have appreciated it over the years.

SCOTCH & SHERRY – THE WORLD OF SHERRY WOOD: From specially commissioned seasoned hogsheads to ex-bodega butts, the world of sherry casks can be as confusing to get your head around as the varieties of sherry wine that might have filled them. In our continuing focus on sherry cask-matured whisky, Richard Goslan explores the wonderful world of sherry wood.

FLAVOUR FOCUS – THE MAGIC OF MATURATION: The process of maturation tames and transforms the raw spirit, imbuing the drams we ultimately drink with what some say could be up to 70 per cent of their overall character. In the final two instalments of his series on the production of Scotch whisky, Gavin D Smith turns his attention to the last act – maturation.

‘HERESY’ SMALL BATCH DELIGHTS – CITRUS REVERIES: While the lazy days of summer present an opportunity for daydreaming, the flavours of the season are very much about the zingy vibrancy of the here and now. As the Society releases its very first Lowland bottling in our ‘Heresy’ series of small-batch whiskies, Julien Willems learns more about this collaboration with Courageous Spirits.

MEMBER PROFILE – TIM SMITH, WHISKY WRITER: Since falling in love with whisky during his university days, Society member Tim Smith has been fascinated by the twists and turns of the industry’s history. Taking his passion to the next level, Tim has now dived headfirst into documenting the untold story of Joe Hobbs, one of the industry’s greats, as Duncan Gorman writes.

DISTILLERY PROFILE – BALCONES: They describe themselves more as shamans than scientists, and there’s no doubt that in an increasingly crowded distilling environment in the United States, Balcones stands proudly apart. Society brand ambassador Lee ‘Connas’ Conner continues his dive into some of our distilling partners in the US to find out more about what makes this distillery in Waco, Texas tick.

VAULTS MANAGER DEVIN CROSS: We’re delighted to welcome Devin Cross, the new manager of our iconic Vaults Members’ Room, to The Scotch Malt Whisky Society. With an impressive background in hospitality and a fervent passion for whisky, Devin is set to bring fresh energy and innovative ideas to his role, as Olga Varvarova found out.

SMWS DISCOVERY – A NIGHT OUT IN JOHANNESBURG: In this month’s international night out we’re headed to South Africa, where the Society has just celebrated its third anniversary. Our destination is Johannesburg, home to Society partner bar WhiskyBrother and a host of other exceptional food and drink destinations. Join us as Marc Pendlebury, managing director of the Society’s South African branch, takes us on a night out in Joburg.

PARTNER BAR – ONE POUND TERRAZA, MEXICO CITY: Immerse yourself in the eclectic charm of our new SMWS partner bar in Mexico City, One Pound Terraza, where British culture blends seamlessly with Mexican flair. Mhairi Mitchell finds out about co-owner Luis Lopez Morton’s journey from childhood dreams and UK inspirations to creating a unique whisky haven.