HEBRIDES CYCLE ODYSSEY: Torabhaig, Raasay and Harris are examples of a new wave of distilleries that are embedded in their islands and are bringing new life – and new opportunities – to their local communities. Tom Bruce-Gardyne took a two-wheeled trip from Skye to Stornoway to visit the distilleries, face the wrath of Storm Kathleen and earn himself a few drams along the way.

SCOTCH & SHERRY – FROM THE FORESTS TO THE COOPERAGE: The Scotch Malt Whisky Society goes to great lengths to ensure that we can trace the provenance and guarantee the quality of the casks we use for sherry maturation – and that includes being able to see exactly where the wood comes from, as well as how the casks are coopered.

FATHER’S DAY: We all know the power of whisky to bring people together – that’s what we’re all about at The Scotch Malt Whisky Society. The bonds are even more special when they’re between fathers and their children. In time for Father’s Day on 16 June, Sonia Raineri caught up with several members who wanted to celebrate the joy of whisky and fatherhood, a shared passion across generations.

DISTILLERY PROFILE – CATOCTIN CREEK: Frequent readers of Unfiltered will have noticed that SMWS ambassador Lee ‘Connas’ Connor has been zooming all over the United States of late to delve into some new distillery bottlings coming your way from that side of the pond. His journey continues this month with a look at Virginia’s Catoctin Creek distillery, as he chats to founders Rebecca and Scott Harris about their distilling adventure and the importance of whiskey to the state.

FLAVOUR FOCUS – DISTILLATION (PART TWO): A whisky’s final flavour can come from various parts of the production process, and the character of the spirit still – and how it is operated – can play a key role, as Gavin D Smith explores.

SMWS BOTTLE NAMES: The Scotch Malt Whisky Society is known for its intriguing, playful and sometimes eccentric bottle names. But how hard can it be to continually come up with an original title for a single cask bottling? The answer, as SMWS ambassador Alex Moores describes, is that it is an ongoing challenge. Pour yourself a suitably named Society dram and prepare to explore a world of duplication, confusion and repetition in the world of Society bottlings.

PARTNER BAR ONYX, AUSTRIA: Step into the inviting ambiance of Austria’s captivating Loretto region, where Onyx shines as the newest gem in the Society’s ever-growing selection of partner bars. Drawing inspiration from a journey enriched with whisky wisdom spanning from London to Klagenfurt, Mhairi Mitchell details the journey through the story of Onyx.

SMWS SINGAPORE SCENE: The Scotch Malt Whisky Society’s branch in Singapore relaunched at the end of last year and is already proving a hit with its SMWS-inspired approach to building an engaged and lively local whisky community. Singapore’s seven partner bars have become vibrant hubs that harness the city-nation’s distinct national identity through innovative whisky experiences. Jeremy Lim from SMWS Singapore explains how the team are raising the bar when it comes to savouring a dram together.