FUNDAMENTALS OF FLAVOUR – DISCOVERY IN EVERY BOTTLE: Uncork a Society whisky and it’s the start of a jam-packed journey into fantastical flavours, according to Kami Newton.

SMWS AND SHERRY – MADE TO ORDER: Since legislation changed in Spain in the 1980s to determine that all sherry had to be bottled there before it was exported, there’s now no such thing as a sherry ‘transport’ cask. That has led to a whole industry dedicated to building and seasoning casks with sherry, specifically for the whisky industry, as Richard Goslan reports.

DISTILLERY PROFILE – A TALE OF TWO JAPANESE DISTILLERIES: The Society is delighted to introduce whisky from the Japanese whisky maker Hombo Shuzo, whose roots go back to the 19th century, and which was instrumental in the country’s development of a Scottish style of single malt. Richard Goslan finds out more about their Mars Komagatake and Mars Tsunuki distilleries.

FLAVOUR FOCUS – THE WORLD OF WASHBACKS: Ever stuck your head in a washback on a distillery tour? The powerful reactions taking place are crucial in transforming the wort into wash, and creating essential flavours along the way. Gavin D Smith has more.

FESTIVAL SEASON – JOIN THE HUNT: This May, as the whisky festivals across Scotland beckon, we invite you to embark on a journey with us – the Flavour Hunters – where every dram tells a tale of discovery and delight.

SMWS 50TH ANNIVERSARY CASK CLUB: Join The Scotch Malt Whisky Society’s exclusive 50th Anniversary Cask Club and embark on a captivating journey with peated whisky casks from Distillery 42.

SINGLE CASK SPIRITS – EMBRACE ARMAGNAC: Armagnac might not have the profile of cognac, but as France’s oldest eau-de-vie it can be a hidden treasure. If you haven’t experienced it yet, the Society’s bottlings are the perfect introduction.