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This exclusive range of ‘Rare Releases‘ were produced for our Flavour Hunters Festival in May 2022. Of the six bottlings, we have four being released in Mexico over the course of 2023. All the whiskies are single malts from an individual distillery, bottled at their natural strength and across a range of flavour profiles. We worked with a wide variety of cask types to nudge our recipes in the right direction and these small batch single malts are great examples of how that variety of wood types helps to give us an infinite number of flavours to play with. That could be in some examples by getting the full impact of one cask type, or in others by using a mix of bourbon and sherry wood to create something completely different. Characterful spirit and characterful casks make for an incredible combination and helps us to continue to expand our horizons.

Spirit Notes

A robust and toasty aroma that incorporated buttery shortbread, caramelised oatmeal, brown toast and thick cut sticky malt loaf. Also hints of treacle, tea biscuits and wintergreen with a tang of hessian. Reduction brought freshly baked brown bread, toasted sunflower seeds, mustard oil and orange vitamin tablets. Autumnal, earthy and with sweeter tones of caramel, tamarind and ginger. The neat palate opened with plum and nectarines stewing in Armagnac, charred wood embers, brisket ends and pears poached in dessert wines. Some nut infused chocolate, camphor and pineapple cake. Lots going on! Water brought a nice bitter herbal quality, more toasted nuts, dark boozy fruits and things like spiced damsons, fig paste, plum wine and maple syrup.


Deep, Rich & Dried Fruits

Cask No.

36 Rare Release

Initial Cask

Bourbon, Oloroso

Final Cask







10 years

Distillation Year



1391 bottles

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