Kissing an Orcadian

Heavenly Pepper

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Spicy & Dry, Sweet, Fruity & Mellow

Cask No.

7.264, 13.93

Initial Cask



Highland, Speyside


55.8%, 64.6%


17 years, 9 years

Distillation Year

2003, 2012


186 bottles, 232 bottles

Spirit Notes


A typically big, bold and yet rather dry and austere profile initially. We got chalky qualities such as clay and white pebbles, along with canvass, digestive biscuits, turmeric and dried flowers. Some water brought deeper notes of cooking oils, camphor, new leather and a wee touch of creme caramel. The mouth initially displayed a robust oiliness of texture, along with medicines and dry waxes. Reduction enhanced these waxy tones and added tart citrus jellies, sooty notes, herbal toothpaste and warm peppery heat.


Tropical tutti-frutti; Amarena cherries, mango Alfonso, passion fruit and papaya was soon followed by lemon, honey, cinnamon as well as vanilla marshmallows. On the palate a sweet citric note caught our attention before we were back in seventh sweet fruit heaven with a pineapple carpaccio, juicy pineapple slices, fresh vanilla ice cream and blueberries. A drop of water and a floral lavender freshness emerged beside (given a bit of time) plums, pain au chocolate and a cup of orange pekoe tea. To taste, a lovely limey zestiness combined with fizzy orange soda, marshmallow bubble tea and shortbread covered in coconut whipped cream.

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